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Rise Of The Dawncrusher

by Slabdragger

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Hospice thumbnail
Hospice These mafucklers absolutely destroy. Insanely creative and 100% brain-melting riffage combined with dual vocals that will brutalize your soul. Consume this fucking beast of an album. Favorite track: Dawncrusher Rising.
Clayton Buchanan
Clayton Buchanan thumbnail
Clayton Buchanan Best sludge record I've heard in a long time and probably my favorite album title ever. A must own record for anyone who loves the heavy! Favorite track: Mercenary Blues.
Colin M.
Colin M. thumbnail
Colin M. Never before have the words crushing or massive been so completely applicable. This album lives up to its name, providing a titanic offering of the heaviest, sludgiest awesome you are likely to have bludgeon your eardrums this year. Favorite track: Mercenary Blues.
Mortimer Potts
Mortimer Potts thumbnail
Mortimer Potts We don’t have to dwell any longer in the memory of 2011 debut, "Regress". Now we have four new long, splendid & massive tracks of heavy doom, plus one short aggression, and they are stuffed with riffs, beautiful first class riffs. ((( Favorite track: Dawncrusher Rising.
MThomas thumbnail
MThomas Massive sludgey riffs, huge deep drums, mountain man vocals, my faith in humanity is restored!! Favorite track: Dawncrusher Rising.
William Crispin
William Crispin thumbnail
William Crispin Regress is a classic. This is more diverse and heavier. Love it. Stop reading, Get it now. Favorite track: Shrine of Debauchery.
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Three years in the making and almost five years on from their debut album ‘Regress’, Slabdragger are finally back with ‘Rise of the Dawncrusher’. Between drummer changes, recording difficulties, collapsed lungs and other personal problems, this is a record that has (slowly) come kicking and screaming into existence.

Has it been worth the wait? Well – when have Slabdragger ever let you down? Containing four sprawling, epic tracks of ever-innovative, cosmic doom/stoner/sludge, as well as the urgent, frantic 4-minute ‘Evacuate!’ - this record clocks in at over an hour and truly feels like the journey it portrays. Rise of the Dawncrusher is a sci-fi adventure set in the distant future and you should expect more than a few elaborate twists and turns that will leave Regress behind with space debris in its wake.

Recorded and mixed at The Cro's Nest Studio by their very own six string strangler and gravelly growler Sam Thredder, mastered by the total dude that is Steve Austin of Today Is The Day, the album will be wrapped in some incredibly epic cover art by comic artist and writer Jimmy Pearson. This combination makes for a total immersive experience in fantastical heaviosity.


released February 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Slabdragger London, UK


  • Apr 24
    London, UK

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Track Name: Mercenary Blues
Riders of the cosmic slums
Sweeping through the infinite
Stoned destroyers of suns
Scheming through the intricate
Bounty hunters all around
On the run, the chips are down…

Alien hooch inebriation
Extra terrestrial nation
Nomad planets align
To the contradiction of time

We have squashed black holes!
Witnessed planets turn to ash
Scoured wastelands of lost souls
Disintegrate asteroids for cash…
Asteroids for cash…

Drink the days and nights away
Looking for some hell to pay…

Wanted by all, for hire or death
wanted by all…
Wanted by all, for hire or death
wanted by all…

"Spiralling galaxy vomits wisdom and life
cascading possibility of existence
Purified by destruction and creation
as we travel the universe…"

Wanted by all, for hire or death
Wanted by all…
Track Name: Evacuate!
Neptune smiles in our wake
Making our escape
Rival mercenaries
From the corps of Mercury

They want us for our blood!
Fuel for their vampiric ship
Birthing vengeance for the flood
Made by our mighty grip

Lightyears pass
Barrage comes fast
Mercurian fist
Gaining quick…

Nova bombs on our six
Taking toll with each hit
Fear that we cannot defend
Is this where we meet our end?


Escape pod into the void
We see our ship destroyed
Our only pilot now is fate
As we escape Mercurian hate…

Drifting alone, lightyears from home…

Track Name: Shrine of Debauchery
Welcome to decadence!
Gaze into a world of infinite desire
Twisted dreams come alive
Feast your eyes, dark fantasy hive
We walk this hall of filth and look around
Disturbed by inhuman sight and sound
Visions beyond disgust that cannot be unseen
Mutated humanoids performing acts unclean
Creatures high on intravenous faeces
Locked jaws and sex acts in all creases
Torture and execution entertain the crowd
Blood flows into drains consumed underground…

Severed head effigies parade through the shrine
Hallucinated mutants cacophonous cries
Excessive ultra-violent world lead by a self made god
Sitting at the throne, he wears the mark within his black heart

I am Lord Tyraas!
I rule all!
Bow to your lord, your saviour…
You are my pawns of death!
You shall obey!
Or you shall pay with your lives…
You shall descend into
The core of the Earth
Drain it dry, bleed it dry….
I give you Dawncrusher!
Break through the Earth
in the name of the Mark…

Track Name: Dawncrusher Rising
Rise… Dawncrusher rise
Dawncrusher rise
Rise… Dawncrusher rise
Dawncrusher rise

Five thousand miles wide
Rise, roar of the titan of the skies
Indomitable drinker of life
Molecular corrosion, ascend on high…

Forced to destroy our world
We're against the wall
Tectonic plate
We must escape
Tyraas is too strong
We must pull the trigger
Greatest weapon of all

Surrounded by the fleet
No chance to escape
Earth we shall delete
Tyraas must have the same fate

We will martyr the Earth
Or he grows stronger each day
When he falls, we will unite
the universe tonight…

Engaging the thrusters
as the deadly voyage begins
"They'll never know what hit them!",
says Tyraas with an arrogant grin

Retracting the nosecone
to reveal gargantuan drill
Diminish the population,
Lifesblood of the Earth shall spill…

Violate the crust
Into the Earth…

Pull the plug,
on the world!

Planetary projectile
Aimed towards the fleet
Angering the tyrant
He will not accept defeat…

"Unleash the Amplicore!
Send them where the dead dwell,
Release the fucking roar
of ten million decibels!!"

"What is this this before us?
Signals are all jammed…
What is this before us?
Low-frequency battering ram!"

Wattage overload, terrifying sound
Time and space explodes
A vacuum surrounds…

Rise, Dawncrusher rise…
Track Name: Implosion Rites
Seeds of accretion
Take hold of existence

Gaseous grip
Radiant trip
Gradient flip
Eternal persistence

Beautiful decay, ethereal display
Splitting through the sky, blinding every eye
Stars will fuel the hole, drinking all our souls
Glorious demise, silencing all cries

Implosion, time and space
Swallowing the sun

Growing at rapid pace
Wiping out the human race
Destroying all without a trace
As we all become one…

Mankind is no more, no chance to fight a ware
failure to defend, an unexpected end
A thousand lightyear wide, eradication tide
Oblivion descend, farewell my old friend…

I can feel my body melting
relentlessly peeling my flesh
I can see my life is ending, now…

Planetary collision
Sacrifice the Earth
To render Tyraas to dust…

Swallowing the sun, as we all become one…
Swallowing the sun, as we all become one…

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